Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's really Bonnie!

Bonnie Hunter, Chaska, MN Aug 8, 2017
After making so many Bonnie Hunter quilt designs, it was so exciting to finally be able to attend one of her lectures!  If you ever have the chance, I'd highly recommend going.  Bonnie is a fabulous speaker.  Funny, knowledgeable, and so very genuine!

Original Bonnie Hunter quilts!

What fun to see so many of her quilts up close and in person!  It's one thing to see them in a book, or on the computer, but to get a close-up look at the fabrics, the quilting... well, it 's a whole different experience.

She had a show-and-share at the end of the program, and I was brave enough to bring up a quilt top that was just finished this past weekend.  Charlotte's Baskets from "Adventures with Leaders and Enders."   It was so fun to hear Bonnie exclaim, "Oh!  You've biggie sized it!"  Yes, I had made  8.5 inch string blocks without a project in mind and enlarged the basket blocks of Charlotte's Baskets to fit.  When it's quilted it will fit on the full size bed at the Cabin.

It's raining today, so I can't get a good photo of it right now.  But here's a shot from a week ago when it was 'in progress.'
Charlotte's baskets - center with sashing

Here I am at 1:40 on the show and share video!