2016 quilts

Welcome Spring: 14 x 18 inches
inspired by a smaller Temecula Quilt Co. mini
Tucker table runner 10 x 30 inches

Temicula Quilt Co. summer sew along 56 x 61 inches

Spring Skinnie - Quiltmaker Magazine 14x28 inches

Summer Skinnie - Quiltmaker Magazine 14x28

Fall Skinnie - Quiltmaker Magazine 14 x 28

Winter Skinnie - Quiltmaker Magazine 14 x 28 inches

Square in a Square doll quilt 15 x 19 inches

Great Blue Heron wall hanging 19 x 46 inches

Let It Snow wall hanging 23 inches square

Cabin in the Woods 44 x 54 inches
Love table runner 15 x 39 inches
Love table topper 19 inches square
block design by Cosmo Cricket in Quiltmaker's 100 blocks
Triangle mini  12 x 10 inches
Olde Glory 20-1/2 x 32 inches: free pattern by Temecula Quilt Co.

Winston Ways single block: 25 inches square
Table runner 

Apple table runner 20x26

Table runner 18x58

Cheddar 4-in-9 18x21

Violin Concerto original design 40x40

Denim and flannel rag quilt 60x72
Songbirds - Sew Tweet 36x45
92-inch square t-shirt quilt with fleece backing
Minnesota Baby  36 x 40 inches   Fleece backing

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