Monday, October 29, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Here's what is on the quilting agenda for this week...

One panel of Grandma's drapes has been cut into loads of 2 inch squares, and put together into this Watercolor Heart. 

There are at least two squares in one of the middle rows that should probably be switched out with brown squares.  Yuck - more ripping out.  But at least I've gotten to the point in my life where I have enough patience to realize that it's worth it to do it right, and not just call it 'good enough' and continue on.

For a first attempt using this method, the result isn't too bad.  It still needs 2 borders, the first probably dark brown- not sure about the second.  The back, binding and hanging sleeve will be cut from one of the other drapery panels.

Most of the predominantly dark brown squares have been used up, but there are lots with pink and the light green & yellow.  My next try will be a lighter heart, or maybe a wreath.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

All Hallows quilt

 I can finally reveal the All Hallows quilt made for Niki and Westin.
Congratulations to both of you, and Best Wishes for many happy years together.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grandma's old drapes

The other day I came across a book on Watercolor Quilts by Dina Pappas.   It's a method I've never tried, and it was a real bargain at the second-hand store, so I snapped it up.

Over the weekend I had a chance to read it and came up with an idea to try. 

Deep in the recesses of the basement cedar closet there is a box labled:  Grandma's old livingroom drapes - probably 1950's or earlier.  Why I have been hanging on to them I'll never know.  Sentimental value perhaps?  At one time I thought I'd make something from them - tote bags maybe.  My mother had cut into one panel to make a cushion cover many years ago.

The print is quite large, and it has potential for the projects in Dina's book.  The small white square is a paper template 2 inches square - so you can see the scale of the pattern.

The method is to cut large scale fabric into 2 inch squares, then sort those squares by how the fabric pattern falls.  Some will be full of flowers, others will be empty background.  Then there are those with half and half, either vertical or diagonal. 

The blocks are sorted, then put together like a puzzle to get the effect of a heart or wreath of flowers.  I'm going to give it a try.

Do you think these are the drapes in the background of this photo of my parent's wedding day in 1952?  the peach has faded to pink, and the white background has turned grey.  But I see those palm fronds...  If they're not the same drapes, then Grandma replaced the ones in the photo with a very similar pattern.

I hope this works.  I'll be thrilled to use the drapes up this way, and have an heirloom quilt or two as a result.  My dear Hubby will just be thrilled to have the box of drapes gone!

Friday, October 12, 2012

All Hallows block

All Hallows Eve is coming quickly, and this year October 31 will be special.  My cousin's daughter's wedding day!   Not much time to make a wedding quilt, but since Halloween is her favorite holiday, I decided to make a seasonal table-topper for her.

All Hallows variation a free pattern by Marcia Hohn at is perfect!  I love it when the traditional name of a block fits the occasion.  It just gives a quilt another layer of meaning.  I cut out the fabrics last night, and made up one block.  Three more blocks done today and I just have borders left to decide upon.  Don't you love the way the four blocks make a pinwheel in the center? 

I think I'll go up to Dad's house and search through the button box.  Hopefully, there will be five black buttons from his mother - the bride's great-grandmother- to put at the centers of the stars and pinwheel.  That would make a nice family connection don't you think?  I'm so sentimental sometimes!

See what some other quilters have been up to this week at confessions of a fabric addict  and crazy mom quilts.  Hope I can find you there too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Look who followed me home!

My dear Aunt Mary Ellen is moving and generously gave me her old sewing machine.  She got it in the 1950's around the time she and my Uncle Don were married.

The cabinet was broken and is long gone, but this little Singer is in perfect condition.  It's amazing that she kept it all these years.

So many bloggers, especially Bonnie Hunter, just love sewing on the older machines.  I can't wait to try it out on a project. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pinned for quilting

On Monday I pulled out my MQ6, and pinned up three more lap quilts that need quilting.   The sewing machine was moved to the dining room table where I have room to spread out and support a large quilt.  The borders on MQ6 are first on the schedule.

But then, of course, we had a couple of spectacular autumn days and I dropped everything to take advantage of the opportunity.   So while the days were sunny and 70, windows were washed and leaves mulched and mowed up (twice).  Most of the flower garden was trimmed down and the geraniums pulled and put in paper bags for winter storage.  We're supposed to get frost tomorrow night, and my future DIL in Fargo is having to gear up for snow!  I think we'll be spared that for now.

So here it is Thursday already, and since I noticed Judy at Patchwork Times has the October Quiltathon on her page, I thought I'd get myself in gear and put some serious time into quilting this afternoon and tomorrow.  Here's the line-up....

MQ6 - Mystery Quilt 6 - Quilters Club of America

Beautiful Leaves -
letter block patterns from quiltsbycheri
Baskets of Figs - original design
4:30pm update:  The pieced border all quilted and three sides of the outer blue border on MQ6 are done!  But, I'm running low on the navy thread I'm using in the bobbin.  When that runs out I'll have to start on another quilt.  Can't make it to Mill End Fabrics for more thread until tomorrow.