Friday, October 12, 2012

All Hallows block

All Hallows Eve is coming quickly, and this year October 31 will be special.  My cousin's daughter's wedding day!   Not much time to make a wedding quilt, but since Halloween is her favorite holiday, I decided to make a seasonal table-topper for her.

All Hallows variation a free pattern by Marcia Hohn at is perfect!  I love it when the traditional name of a block fits the occasion.  It just gives a quilt another layer of meaning.  I cut out the fabrics last night, and made up one block.  Three more blocks done today and I just have borders left to decide upon.  Don't you love the way the four blocks make a pinwheel in the center? 

I think I'll go up to Dad's house and search through the button box.  Hopefully, there will be five black buttons from his mother - the bride's great-grandmother- to put at the centers of the stars and pinwheel.  That would make a nice family connection don't you think?  I'm so sentimental sometimes!

See what some other quilters have been up to this week at confessions of a fabric addict  and crazy mom quilts.  Hope I can find you there too.


  1. What a terrific gift. Good luck with the buttons.

  2. She's getting married on Halloween? What a fantastic idea. Love the topper. Hope you find those buttons.

  3. Such a pretty block and top! Whoop whoop!!