Monday, October 9, 2017

Log cabin layout

deck of cards layout
Log cabins are such a cute way to use up those narrow strips and scraps.  A week or so ago I cleared out my 1-1/4 inch bag and made up 24 Log Cabin blocks that finish at 5 inches.

It's layout time! 

Recently I saw a 'deck of cards' arrangement that was intriguing.  It would make two small quilts once I add setting and corner triangles.  They'd make nice gifts.  I love how they make a pinwheel in the center.

Or, maybe put the blocks all together into one quilt.  Ooh, the possibilities!
pinwheel and barn raising layout

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Just at the right time! Palmateer Point.

Have you ever stumbled upon just the right project at the right time?  Lori at Humble Quilts has a quilt-along that is perfect for some scraps I've been trying to use up.   I couldn't resist jumping in.

Palmateer Point parts one, two and three.
There are lots of projects that take 4-patch scraps.  Nearly every one has two light and two dark blocks.  What's left?  All those not-quite-light enough and not-quite-dark enough colors.  You know what I mean?  Those scraps where the color is never just right?  They get set aside every time.  And I had a bunch of them.

Well, those sad, overlooked blocks have found a home in Palmateer Point.  Twenty-five 4-patch blocks in soft almost-medium colors.  My scrap bag is nearly empty.  Ta-Da!

Here's the center portion all finished.   It's so hard to decide on a border!  The green keeps the soft antique look, but the blue gingham gives it a bit of a pop.  Which is your favorite?  Or something else entirely?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Clearing out the 1-1/4 strips

Every once in a while it's time to clear out a bag of scraps.  My scrap-user system involves putting pieces of the same width in gallon Ziploc bags.  When they get reasonably full, it's time to find a project to use them up. 

Well, this week the teeniest of scraps got the attention.  I dumped out and sorted the 1-1/4 inch strips by size.  Next came a little math and a prototype Log Cabin block to test out what I needed.  Strips were cut and put in small bags, all ready to sew up more Log Cabins.

The two smallest pieces in the Log Cabins are red and white at 1-1/4 inches each.  The shortest dark strip is 2-inches.  So, in the end, I had a bunch of dark strips that were smaller than 2-inches and couldn't be used. 

What to do?  4-patches!  Trimmed to 2-inches and cute as can be.  They might make nice cornerstones in a future project, or maybe the center of a Square-in-square block.  Possibilities....

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Busy times!

number one grandson
Blog posting has fallen by the wayside, as has quilting, since I've started my new job as Grandma. 

This little cutie has stolen all our hearts.  I get to take care of him one day a week, and we try to do lots of fun things together.  Look at this cute little book he has.  "Stories in Stitches."  Gotta start him young!

Can you see the T-shirt quilt he has?  All my Minnesota themed t-shirts ended up in there, and it's perfect for tossing on the floor and playing.

A Blackbird Gathering - pattern by Cheri

I do have a couple of projects in the wings.  The binding is finished on Blackbird Gathering, and I'm keeping up with Lori's sew-along "Palmeteer Point."  Hope to have something to share with you on that soon! 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's really Bonnie!

Bonnie Hunter, Chaska, MN Aug 8, 2017
After making so many Bonnie Hunter quilt designs, it was so exciting to finally be able to attend one of her lectures!  If you ever have the chance, I'd highly recommend going.  Bonnie is a fabulous speaker.  Funny, knowledgeable, and so very genuine!

Original Bonnie Hunter quilts!

What fun to see so many of her quilts up close and in person!  It's one thing to see them in a book, or on the computer, but to get a close-up look at the fabrics, the quilting... well, it 's a whole different experience.

She had a show-and-share at the end of the program, and I was brave enough to bring up a quilt top that was just finished this past weekend.  Charlotte's Baskets from "Adventures with Leaders and Enders."   It was so fun to hear Bonnie exclaim, "Oh!  You've biggie sized it!"  Yes, I had made  8.5 inch string blocks without a project in mind and enlarged the basket blocks of Charlotte's Baskets to fit.  When it's quilted it will fit on the full size bed at the Cabin.

It's raining today, so I can't get a good photo of it right now.  But here's a shot from a week ago when it was 'in progress.'
Charlotte's baskets - center with sashing

Here I am at 1:40 on the show and share video!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Spirit of America finish

Over the past few weekends I've had time at the Cabin and put the bindings on these two little projects. The Spirit of America was a free on line pattern from Buttermilk Basin and Henry Glass Fabrics.  At the time I'm writing this, it can be found at THIS LINK.

It's my first ever wool applique piece.  All the applique was done on my machine with the applique stitch, and looks great!  Still, I'm not sure that wool applique is my true calling.

My sweet daughter-in-law loved it, and so, it's now hanging up on her kitchen wall.  She says she's interested in learning how to quilt.  Sew excited!!!  First up is a Birthday wall hanging, and then a Valentine one.  I'm on the hunt for patterns already.

I have a few piecing projects underway, but it's so hard to get any sewing done in the summertime.  Hope you are having a delightful and relaxing summer.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Spring 1893

In the spring of 1893 someone we will never know stitched a remarkable embroidery square.   Nearly 125 years later there it sat in a box of hot mitts at a church rummage sale.  It was folded so that the embroidery was on the inside, so easy to overlook.  A jewel hidden in plain sight.  But something about that little muslin scrap caught my eye.

It is a Victorian crazy quilt block, 11.5 x 12 inches. The back is two pieces of old muslin of a fairly coarse weave.  The front was pieced of ribbons, and probably taffeta and silk.  But it is nearly completely covered with dense embroidery.  The embroidery thread is the style not made any more.  From the looks of it, and the style of needlework, I believe that the embroidered date of "Spring 1893" is accurate.  Nearly 125 years old!

I'm posting a photo in a larger format than usual so you can perhaps zoom in and appreciate some of her work.  Every time I look it over, it seems there is something new.  I've found bugs, butterflies, horse shoes, a violin, a crown, an anchor, St. Andrew's cross, paisley swoops, a bluebird, a book, moon and sun, flowers, clover and ivy.  I saw the date 1893 right away, but didn't even see the word 'spring' until I got it home.  What a delight!  I've put it in a shadowbox frame for now. Such stories it could tell!  If only she had embroidered her name as well.