Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn Friends and Companions

Looking out into the back yard this morning I noticed that the Sumac is at peak fall color.  Just the perfect backdrop to photograph my Autumn version of Moda's Friends and Companions Quilt-Along.  But, it wasn't done yet!   Threw in a load of laundry and headed to the sewing room.

There wasn't enough of any one orange fabric for the final border, so I cut 3 inch strips from what I had for scrappy piano keys.  By late morning a quilt top finished!  And a lovely fall photo.

Let's see some other finishes for the week:
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Rediscovering the Pond Dakota Quilt

Sunday, Oct. 19th is the day!  I've been asked to give a presentation about the Pond Album Quilt that I have been researching for the Bloomington MN Historical Society.  I think I'm all ready.  Send good thoughts and prayers that it goes well.  I never know what I'm getting myself into sometimes.  LOL

This week I've learned something new.  My son was teasing me because he learned to make PowerPoint presentations in elementary school, and I have never done one.  And, I needed to have one prepared for Sunday's presentation.  The original quilt is too fragile to bring along with me.  So, with a little help from Hubby, I put together my very first PowerPoint so I can show photos of the original 1893 quilt.

If you are in the Twin Cities area, I invite you to come Sunday, 2PM, to the Gideon and Agnes Pond House at the Pond Dakota Mission .

I keep finding more and more interesting bits of information about the Dakota women whose names appear on the quilt!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Design wall Monday

It was a lovely weekend to quilt awhile at the lake.  I worked on piecing the alternate blocks for the Moda Friends and Companions sew-along.

Here is "Autumn Friends and Companions."

Next step is a 2-inch black border, and then a scrappy orange border.  I had started with one orange fabric and ran out, so I used a second orange fabric for a couple blocks. Then I found some more of the first fabric.  (sigh)  But I still don't have enough of either for the border, so I'll add a few more oranges and give it a scrappy border.

It's always a good idea to give projects a review, and I learned a few things from this project.  Color substitutions can be tricky on a mystery quilt.   I think I may have selected autumn colors that were too similar in value.  Even though I love all the fabrics, the piecing disappears in a couple of the blocks.

On the plus side, a surprising discovery. I love how the designer made the black center of the 'alternate blocks' 1/2-inch larger than the other black pieces in the 'alternate blocks'.  The result is that the alternate blocks end up the same size as the sampler blocks.  Without that little detail, the 'alternates' (based on 5x5 pattern) and the 'samplers' (based on a 4x4 pattern,) would not have ended up the same size without a lot of crazy math on one or the other.

Two more versions ahead.  Stay tuned....

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Hostess gift in a hurry

Last Saturday we were invited by some friends up north to have dinner with them at their cabin.  I had planned to pick up some flowers to give as a hostess gift before we left for the lake on Friday.  Oops... completely forgot.  What to do!!?


On Saturday morning I poured through whatever fabrics I had brought with me for the weekend (in case I had time to quilt awhile.)  I had the pattern for the recent Marcus Friends and Companions Sew-along, and some HST leaders and enders.  I had brought up some fleece to use as backing for a lap quilt that was in my to-finish pile, so I laid that out, pinned it up for quilting and was pleased to find I had bought about 1/2 yard extra fleece. (There'll be photos of that once I get it quilted.)

I picked Block #8 from and with a little imagination and that extra piece of fleece for the backing, made a little table topper to give as a hostess gift.  I forgot to measure it, but it's about 12x18.

Hurray!  Hostess gift problem solved.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Market Day finished

This morning I did some sorting and picking up in the office/sewing room.  I made a list of fabric I need to buy at the store today to finish up the Marcus Designer sew along that just finished up today.  I was using up scraps rather than checking to see if I had enough of any of the fabrics, and I need some more black and some red.

As I was putting things away I came across Market Day.  It was so close to being done!  Only the quilting in the outside border remained to be done.  So, I took a deep breath and decided to get in a little free-motion quilting practice.  In no time it was done and ready for the final photo.

I've also been trying to calculate what I've used so far this year.  Looks like 27 yards purchased and 50 yards used.  So I'm in the black for this year!  Woo Hoo!  Starting to whittle away at that stash.  Ten small quilts (under 30 inches square), four queen size, two baby quilts, one lap quilt and a table runner have been finished so far this year. Three months to go!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wedding Quilt Roundup

There's been a request to share the wedding quilts I have made and gifted to family members, and friends so close that they might as well be family.
With love and blessings to all these couples - Here we go:

For Michelle and Jared:
Wedding Album 2008

For Amy and Mitch:
Dakota Star 2011

For Rachel and Trevor:
Navy Star 2011

For John and Sarah:
Celtic Square 2013

For Chrissy and Derek:
Rhapsody in Bloom 2014

For Laura and Yingda:
Chinese Coins and Lanterns 2014

For Sara and Brent:
Wedding Album 2014 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wedding Album for Sara

My third, and hopefully final, wedding quilt for this year was completed the night before the wedding.  It seems I keep cutting things closer each time!  But yesterday our niece was married and it was a spectacular Minnesota autumn day.  We were so happy to celebrate this wonderful event with them.

Her wedding quilt has been in the works for many years!  The cream fabric with geraniums, which I love so much, had a copyright date of 1991 in the selvage.  Hmmm...  The fabric was purchased 'just because I loved it' and put in the stash.  Years later it was pulled out and sewn into 12 inch album blocks because I loved the pattern.  Now, finally they are put together into a quilt, which I hope is just right for our niece.  A little vintage, a little sassy, pretty, practical and just plain fun.

The black border looks a little abrupt in this photo, but it has a grey geometric pattern on it.  Family members signed the blocks in the outer row and added their blessings and good wishes to the newlyweds.

My daughter is in town for the wedding, and remarked that she couldn't find a photo of her wedding quilt on the blog.  So I have had to promise to put that in a post soon.  Stay tuned!