Monday, February 4, 2013

The last straw....

For the month of February I put up a pretty red and cream quilt on the kitchen wall.   The pattern is an adaptation of Broken Dishes by Kathleen Tracy which I made up last year.  Our daughter was home and said, "Do you know that you have one block turned sideways?"

Aargh!  No, I didn't know.  Well, I thought I'd call it my humility block because the quilt is all finished and quilted up.   Then our son saw it and asked "Do you know....?"  Later my DH says..."I wasn't going to mention, but there's a block....."     Finally, the last straw.  My sister brought over a pecan pie on Saturday evening and as she was slicing and serving said, "You have one block that's backwards." 

If everyone is going to notice it but me I'd better fix it!  So during the football game last night I sat with my seam ripper and carefully took the offending block out.  It's all pinned back up and I'll just top stitch it back in place and re-sew the quilting. 

Also on the To-Do list this week is sew up the next 20 blocks for our son's wedding quilt.   That should keep me busy!

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