Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rhapsody in Bloom: finished and gifted

Amid all the family events last week I actually did finish the wedding quilt for my niece.  And with three hours to spare! Yep, I was still quilting the morning of their wedding.  But, proud to say it was finished on time!

The pattern is Rhapsody in Bloom, designed by Doug Leko and published in Quiltermaker magazine March/April 2011.  I did add an additional row of blocks and a couple more borders to make it bigger.  The pieced star border blocks are made from bonus blocks which came from the corner trimmings.  I enjoyed making this quilt, and the individual blocks weren't difficult, but I had problems making the seams match when I joined the blocks.  Corners were ok, but there are seam lines along the sides that I couldn't quite get to go together well.  But, it was made with love, and that's the important part.

Over the past week we've had the full spectrum of family events.  A funeral for my dad, a college graduation for our DIL- Dr. Sarah!, a beautiful wedding for my niece, and a new grandson for my SIL.  Anything we missed???

I can't wait to get back to some relaxing piecing and quilting!  I've been saving up the instructions for Pam Buda's Market Day Quilt and hope to catch up by next week.

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  1. Hello, hope all those family events didn't tire you out too much and that you have some relaxing time really soon :)

    Love the finished quilt. It's looks perfect to me and I'm sure your niece and new hubby will adore it ... the colours work really well. Fabby work m'dear!