Wednesday, September 2, 2015

More State Fair Quilts

Most of the quilts entered into the Minnesota State Fair can be found in the Creative Activities building.  And what an amazing display!  You will have to take my word that there are stunning applique and intricately pieced quilts all throughout the building.  I tend to photograph quilts that I actually have a fighting chance of making myself some day. So, let's take a look around and see what caught my eye....
Market Basket - traditional block
flannel Floating Friendship Star - traditional block
This just looked so cozy!
Some darling small quilts were also on display.
This grouping in the Ramberg Senior Center included
an award from a LQS: Rosebud's Cottage 

And though I don't think Dear Jane is a quilt that I will attempt, this lovely version was folded on a display shelf. I wish we could have seen the entire quilt to fully appreciate the artistry that goes into making it.
Dear Jane in batiks on black background
Surprisingly, there were not labels with the quilter's names on the quilt displays in this building so I can't give credit where due.  Congratulations to all the quilters whose work is displayed!  You have outdone yourselves again this year, and it was a delight to see your quilts.

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