Thursday, May 26, 2016

Little Log Cabins Mini

The extra little log cabin blocks from Circa 2016 have become a May Mini.  This little 8 x 11-inch quilt can be tucked just about anywhere around the house for a splash of color.  And it's small enough to fit a standard picture frame too!  So many possibilities!
I'm struggling with last Friday's Circa 2016 block though.  Making HST's that finish at 3/4-inch is ridiculously small - even for me.  I think I'll make the HST blocks with the Magic 8 method to keep the pieces a manageable size and hopefully eliminate a lot of the twisting I get on my machine as I start and end on little pieces.  Each block takes 12 little HST's, so I will have to start with two pairs of 3.5-inch squares for each block.  There will be a few leftover, but they might come in handy later on.  We'll see.  I can guarantee I won't be making any extras on that one!

1 comment:

  1. That tiny log cabin quilt is adorable! I haven't done my Temecula blocks yet either, but will do the magic eight method for sure. Hopefully we can use the extra HST's in a later block!