Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday update

Time for a update on what's been happening in the sewing room here.

Have you ever made a bed runner?  It's new to me, but at about the same time I stumbled across a panel of four State Park motifs in the 'orphan's box,' I found a book called "Quilts with Unique Borders" from Annie's Quilting.  The Classic Elegance Bed Runner designed by Julie Weaver fit them perfectly!

Here's the progress so far....
There are several narrow plain borders to be added, but I'm liking it so far.  Might be lovely up at the Cabin.  In retrospect, the color placements on the Courthouse Steps should have been uniform rather than the random placement.  Though they are the right colors for the panels, there is too much contrast between the greens and chocolate browns.  Live and learn....

There are several other projects in the works.  The kids dropped off a tub of t-shirts for a quilt.  Hope to get it done by Christmas for them, but it will be close.  There may not be photos because I always worry about privacy issues with that type of quilt.  Their names and the location can be easily deduced from the designs on the shirts.  Just know that it's looking great so far and will be queen size, so that will take some time!

And... I promised myself I was NOT going to do Bonnie Hunter's 'En Provence Mystery Quilt.'  I still have the last one in pieces and unfinished and three in line to be quilted.  Haven't touched 'Allietare' since August.   I plan to save the instructions for now and hope to make a small version next year.

But...I'm starting to cave in. Today I pulled fabrics from my stash and put them together.  I've done so many quilts in her really scrappy style and loved them.  But my scrap bins are getting low.  This time I think I'll try and use up some larger pieces of fabric.   What do you think?  The navy has roses similar to the yellow, but they don't show up well here.

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  1. I love to see the runners on beds. It makes such a pop in the room. Have fun with En Provence.