Sunday, March 3, 2013

Isabel's Surprise

It's been awhile since the last blog post, and not much quilting has been happening here.  "Life happens" as they say.  I took a break from quilting to help a distant family member who moved from an apartment to a nursing home.  Her apartment needed to be vacated ASAP, so I helped her nephew sort and bag, launder and donate.  Whatever was needed.  But we only had two weeks to get everything moved!  My living room and kitchen were loaded with bags and boxes for a few days, and now most of those have been dealt with.

Isabel's Surprise: main field
So, today some relaxation was in order!
DH went ice fishing and I got some quilting done.
What a treat!

My great-niece has her 6th birthday this week, and I've been working on a pair of quilts for her and for her little sister.  The main field of the top quickly went together this afternoon!

The pattern is Mystery Quilt 7 from Quilter's Club of America.  It was so much fun to make and went together so quickly that I decided to make quilts for the girls in snappy pinks and yummy greens.  The field is random, so you don't have to think too hard about it, and there are no seams to match except for where the blocks meet in rows and columns.  It's a great scrap quilt!  Can you believe it's just 5 1/2 inch strips?  Cut, join, cut, join and the block's are done!

Here's my original "Nana's Surprise" aka MQ7:

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