Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Workin' on Wednesday

Had to stop to wind another bobbin so thought I'd fill you in on what's going on here this week.

Monday my copy of Quiltmaker Magazine arrived with the reveal of Bonnie Hunter's Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt.  As I looked at the final steps, I realized that all the pieces I have yet to finish are in the borders.  Saw tooth borders are not my favorites.  There are lots of little triangles, and whenever I put them all together they are a little wonky - to say it kindly.

So, I decided to skip all that for now and head right into piecing the top field.  Yesterday I worked on cutting out the sashing and cornerstones.  Row one was put together by bedtime.

I wasn't sure I'd like the black stars, but as it turns out, I really like them.  My blues and greens don't have as much contrast as I thought.  I might actually have to change the center four blocks (rows 4 & 5).  My dark green in the corners just disappears into the pattern.  A bright green would perhaps look better.  We'll have to see if I have the ambition to pull out the seam ripper and fuss with that.

Today I'm working on rows 2 and 3!

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