Thursday, September 5, 2013

Buttons and Bows

The days this week are full of sitting at the computer and double checking my research on the Antique Album Quilt.  It's so easy to sit down and suddenly it's 4pm!  This morning I really needed a quilting break - so I worked a bit on gingerbread men.  This adorable FREE pattern can be found at the Fat Quarter Shop.

Though their fabrics are very nice... teal and lime are nowhere in my Christmas palette of colors!  So, off to my scrap bag for nice toasty brown gingerbread.  Though it seems I have my mind elsewhere and have not been paying attention.

If you look closely, the buttons and bows on two of them are mixed up.  Time to pull out the seam ripper!  But it should only take about 15 minutes to make them right.

It's funny.  Years ago my mother would always take the time to rip out and re-sew little mistakes and make things exactly right.  I couldn't understand why she would take the time to do that when they weren't THAT bad.  Now I find myself doing exactly what she did.  I am not as satisfied with 'good enough' as I used to be.  Ah, the impatience of youth! (Not saying that I'm anywhere near a perfectionist though. lol)

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