Monday, September 2, 2013

MN State Fair time

In spite of the excessive heat warnings this week, I managed to spend half a day at the Minnesota State Fair.  How could I end summer without being there?  This is only the second year I've gone alone.   Usually it's a family event but it was just too hot for everyone this year.

The benefit of going alone is that I can spend all the time I want looking at quilts.  My first stop was Roesbud's Cottage in Heritage Square.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Roseanne and we talked about the Album Quilt I've been working on.  She was so enthusiastic and encouraging, and generously offered to be a resource if the story of that quilt becomes a book someday.

I always feel so bad that I'm not a regular Quilt Shop customer.  Hancock, Jo-Ann and Mill End Fabrics are all so close, that I've never had to venture farther.  Most of my quilts are scrap and utility quilts anyway, and those shops keep me within my limited quilting budget. (at least most of the time!)

This year I concentrated on looking at ideas for quilt settings so I can feature some machine embroidery.
 Here's one with scrappy flying geese in the sashings between blocks featuring redwork birds.

And one with beautiful green embroidered cabins and northwoods Minnesota scenes that have piano key strips to square up the blocks.  Lovely!

And finally some redwork Santas surrounded by traditional stars.
There were so many beautiful quilts on display!  I love to admire all the work and creativity, but have never felt any desire to enter any of my quilts into a competition.  I love them as they are, mistakes and all.

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  1. A bit of blog hopping this a.m. and here I am at yours. Greetings from a North Iowa blogger. I like the display of quilts you found at the fair with embroidered blocks + piecing. It's always nice to see others' ideas.
    I read several posts re: your Album Quilt, and I'll enjoy watching that come together.
    Scrap quilts are a favorite of mine--not the only ones I make--but my favorites. My stash has more CWar repro fabrics than anything else, and now that I'm recently retired, I hope my days are filled with traditional patterns and repro fabrics and scraps galore.
    I'll be following your quilting adventures with interest. So glad I stopped by.