Monday, December 16, 2013

Carried away by Magic

Looks like Little Irish Bear is up to her ears in HST's!

The Facebook page for Celtic Solstice has been fun to follow.  A few quilters suggested using the 'Magic 8' method for Step 3.  Time to learn something new!  I tried it out, and it worked like, well, Magic.  Eight HST's in no time at all.  I always trim each block to square it up, so it was no extra work there.

But, apparently I got carried away and read my note of '40 squares' as '40 pairs'.  Now I have nearly twice the HST's I need for the small quilt!

Not to worry.  I have a couple ideas for using them up.
1.  Pinwheel blocks will look great alternating with the Irish Puzzle blocks I'm making from the bonus HST's that I'm trimming from Step 2. That would make a nice lap size 'bonus quilt'.
2.  I will want my Celtic Solstice to be queen size eventually, and so will need to add borders to the small size CS pattern.  They might work out great there.
3.  Something entirely  new might come to mind later in the Mystery.  Who knows?

Celtic Solstice, and all my other quilting, will be put away today until after Christmas.  We have the neighbors over for a Holiday Open House this coming weekend and then our children and their spouses will be here for the holidays.  Have to magically transform the 'quilting' room back into a bedroom, and my 'cutting table' back into it's original purpose as the dining room table.  I'll enjoy seeing your progress in the mean time, and will eventually get my CS done.  No timetable, no competition, no pressure!  Just loving the creative process, and learning something new every Step of the way.

Monday Linkup for Step 3.


  1. Your units and colors are pretty! I will be working on mine today. Happy Holidays!
    Lisa in MN

  2. Hi I love learning new methods for making things too. Is there a FB page just for Celtic Solstice or is it Bonnies FB page. :)
    I probably will have checked it out myself after I post this. I love seeing peoples progress, so thank you for sharing.

  3. Great colours, Jean, remind me of rhubarb and custard sweets :) Looking forward to following your progress in 2014. Merry Christmas :)