Monday, April 21, 2014

Rhapsody in Bloom

Finally, I am able to post a photo of 'Rhapsody in Bloom.'

It's the wedding quilt I am working on for my niece CJ.  Her wedding is coming up quickly here in May.  The top was started in October and finished last Friday, just in time to give the couple a sneak peek when the family was together to celebrate Easter.

Don't know if I'll get it all quilted by their wedding day.  My father's health has changed dramatically in the past few weeks and taking care of him is my top priority now.

Rhapsody in  Bloom is a design by Doug Leko and was published in Quiltmaker #138 (March/April 2011).  The stars in the border were made from the bonus hst's that came from the quilt blocks. The snowball corners have names, wedding date and label embroidered in them.

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  1. Beautiful. Such a calming quilt, they'll love it whenever it gets finished. I'm sorry about your Dad, I hope he gets better and you have some respite, bless you for taking care of him. Take care.