Monday, April 7, 2014

Sweet Dreams

Hello dear friends, I'm afraid it's been quite a while since my last post.  But I've been so side tracked by a variety of things around here.  Hubby finally took a few vacation days and we made a couple short visits to family and friends.  But Spring is finally in the air here in Minnesota and the snow is rapidly melting away.

The embroidery feature on my Elna has been hard at work.  A new batch of mug rugs went up to the Ashland Historical Society gift shop when we visited our daughter.  While the machine was all set up for embroidery I tried this sweet design on some pillowcases.
This "Sweet Dreams" pattern is from an old Workbasket Magazine, and the digitized pattern is on a CD which came with the book "Redwork from The Workbasket" by Rebecca Kemp Brent.  I have such a fondness for those vintage Workbasket magazines.  I have a couple year's worth from my Grandmother that were published around 1960.  Times sure have changed!  The role of women in the family, and certainly the prices are dramatically different.  I don't think you'd earn much selling handmade craft items for 10 cents today!

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