Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hopping like a bunny

Seems like a long time since I've written, and it's time to catch up!
Not much quilting going on here, but I did a bit of sewing this week.  I'm making a few more pot holders for the Ashland, WI Museum.

The mitt didn't turn out too well, though it looks great in the photo. (It's a little small, and the thumb didn't turn correctly and is bunchy inside.)  I love the sailboat fabric I found for the back side of the hot pads! I need to run down now and pop them in the washer to fluff up the edges.

And... I've machine embroidered a couple of dish towels for hostess gifts for Easter.

But a big chunk my time these past few weeks involves this....

A couple evenings of rehearsals and lots of guitar playing!  Life isn't all about quilting....I play 12-string guitar for two different music groups at two different local churches.  (The one our family attends, and another where I used to work.) With Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter here I'll be hopping like a bunny to keep up with both music schedules.  Usually I only have to play a couple times a month, so my fingers are getting a workout now!

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