Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Executive decision

A little clean-up was happening in the sewing room this week.  (There's a lot more to do yet! lol)  I came across some Ohio Star blocks and Courthouse Steps that I had been using for Leaders & Enders a  year or so ago.  Other projects are in the works now, and I realized that I probably wouldn't be making more.  So, an executive decision was made.  Time to put a top together and call it good!

A yellow border helps draw out the yellow centers in each Ohio Star.  But, I was a little short on fabric.
What to do?  Well, instead of piecing in several verticals, I went with one horizontal seam.  Odd, but it worked!
And from the front, it's hardly visible.  Makes me feel so connected with quilters a hundred years or more ago who 'made do.'
That little yellow block in the corner was my solution to matching the pieced 'half courthouse steps' blocks in the first border.  I didn't want to figure out how to make a pieced log cabin that looked right.  So lazy!

Here's the whole works so far.  I'm contemplating a piano key border next.  Or maybe it's just good enough as is is.  What do you think?  And should I swap out those yellow corners for a dark pieced block?  It's amazing how different quilts look in photos than in person - to me at least.

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