Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fishing for ideas

The last round in the Gwennie sew-along was to add 'something fishy.'  Seemed easy at the time!  lol

In my files I actually found a quilt pattern called "Something's Fishy," a free pattern from  Maywood Studio that I had downloaded.  You can get the free PDF file HERE.  Super cute!  Looked easy, and it was.  But..... it just didn't flow with the rest of the quilt.

Blocks were out of scale (no pun intended!)  I used some of the same fabrics used elsewhere in the quilt, but they looked wrong and just didn't POP.

So, I added a touch of lime green and they became their own quilt top.

The Gwennie sew-along is finished, and mine has been speaking to me all month saying "Don't add any more.  I'm done!"  So, it will stay crazily on-point without adding anything in the corners to square it up.  I'll try and find a nice Navy blue to add a 2 or 3 inch border and binding.  Quilting it with an all-over clamshell or scalloped waves design might take care of the 'something fishy' requirement, but I'm calling it good!

I'm giving up the guilt.  My quilt, my rules.  Right?!

And, I can log using up 3 yards of scraps for the Gwennie Medallion and 3.5 yards of scraps for Something's Fishy.  Now, that's going in the right direction!

The leaves are turning colors.  Autumn in Minnesota beckons.  It's time to turn from piecing to quilting for a while.  And there are quite a few UFO's in the closet that need some attention.

Here's to a productive quilting season!


  1. Lots of scraps, you have been a very busy lady. I like the fish quilt. I would like to make that one.

  2. When a quilt says stop, it is wise to stop! And you ended up with a very fun fish themed secondary quilt. Nice!

  3. I love how you finished your Gwennie. I was ready to stop at the star border for my traditional then I found the drunkard's path blocks. Your Fishy quilt is adorable. Hugs

  4. No reason for guilt! Your fishy quilt is adorable and I love your medallion!

  5. How pretty. I love your Gwennie Inspired quilt. The QAL was so much fun.

  6. You're so right - your rules! I think you made a wise choice - your quilt is lovely just as it is! Congrats on getting a 2nd quilt out of the QAL!

  7. Your stars are just right for finishing off your medallion quilt. Congrats!