Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Seminole Patchwork

This January we took a short winter vacation to Florida.  It was delightful!
We stayed at the 100-year-old Peninsula Inn in Gulfport, FL.  It was so charming and restful.  They made us feel so welcome.

One of the things we always try to do in a new city is go to the museums and learn about the history of the area.  And, as always, I keep my eyes open for quilts.

The Tampa Bay History Center has a very nice area dedicated to Seminole Patchwork and the culture of the Seminole Tribe.  Their unique style of patchwork developed between the turn of the century and 1920.  Originally used for trade goods, it is still used today in their ceremonial clothing.

Can you see the flip card display?  There were two of them.  Each card holds a tiny pieced sample of a Seminole patchwork pattern.  There were several hundred different patterns.  I so longed to look through those and see each one.  But, alas, they are safely behind the glass cabinet.

It looks like an internet search might be in my future.  It's a whole new technique for me.  Wouldn't a table runner or small Seminole Patchwork project be a nice remembrance of our Florida vacation?

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