Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall: March Color Challenge

This week I'm determined to quilt awhile on the March Color Palette challenge.  At first I thought I'd skip this month because the colors were just not 'me' at all.  But then I was clearing out some papers and came across a dramatic black and white quilt pattern in an advertisement for a quilting magazine.  The original design is by Kathie Holland. I thought substituting scrappy reds and oranges for the whites might work into a nice quilt using the March colors.  I also reduced the size of the blocks to make them more easily cut with my 5 inch ruler and rotary cutter.  I'd like to use yellow in the border, but I don't have enough of the fabric I'd like to use.  I might have to think of a scrappy way to make it all workout.  I'm still fussing with the color placements in the blocks.  Initially it was totally random scrappy, but I found the black star design got lost unless I used a fair amount of control.  Taking a photo and working off that, rather than looking at the actual quilt blocks, showed the placement flaws much more clearly. Who knew?


  1. I love the giant SWOON-looking block in these colors. Very dramatic. I use my camera all the time to see where the colors are more concentrated in a quilt, it saves a lot of "Frogging" and I can see it differently after I sleep on it.