Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Color Challenge: Ravel's Bolero

Sometimes a quilt just seems to have a personality of it's own and creates itself.  That seemed to happen with my March Color Palette quilt.  When Vicki Welsh first posted the colors from Bilboa I did a search to see just what that was, and hoped for inspiration.  The search engine insisted I meant Bilbao, Spain and showed lovely photos of that area as a vacation spot. The heavy reds and blacks in the palette did remind me of the Colonial Spanish decor popular in the 1970's.  So apparently this quilt wanted to have an old Spanish flavor.  I only had one gold fabric piece on hand in the color palette and it's black filigree pattern reminded me of the wrought iron work of a Spanish villa. 
As I played around with block placement, the four blocks with music on them ended up in the center of the quilt.  Lo and behold! as I was cleaning out some boxes this week I found some more of that fabric, which I then used for the outer border.  So, Music was apparently also going to be a major theme to the quilt.  Just to make sure I was getting the message, the music to Ravel's "Bolero" ran through my head most of the week.  So, the quilt has been named Ravels Bolero 2012, and has a bright yellow fleece backing and marigold yellow binding.  It's currently quilted with stitch-in-the ditch, but I will probably add more quilting.  It will be a good quilt for practicing free motion quilting, as I'm just a beginner at that.


  1. I love your Bolero quilt! The colors really tell what you were trying to get across!

  2. Wow. This is beautiful! I love the melon colors.

  3. I love that you took the palette and researched additional inspiration. The result is fabulous.