Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little Blue Nine Patch

1990 Blue Nine Patch

It's been a busy week!  It all started when the washing machine discharge decided to plug up and become a gushing fountain.  Fortunately, I heard the splashing and caught it right away, but not before several boxes of fabric took an unexpected bath.  Once I got things dried out  I started going through all my boxes of fabric, refolding and sorting.  Though I couldn't seem to get rid of anything, the unfinished and orphaned projects and blocks are now all together and I have a good idea of the fabric I have on hand.  My goal is to make a real dent in finishing up some of those projects and using up those orphaned blocks.

April 2012 Nine Patch Small Quilt

Fortunately, Kathleen Tracy's April small quilt project used 9-patch blocks.  There were several leftover from a blue 9-patch quilt I made for my son (back in 1990!) and they were perfect for the project.  So out they came.

Little Blue Nine Patch 2012

There were ten blocks in two shades of light blue that I didn't use in the original quilt because the contrast was too low.  One went into the April small quilt.  You can see it in the center along with the remaining odd blocks from that quilt. You can see why I didn't use them, they're a bit wonky, but just right for this project.

In the spirit of using things up, I put the other nine of them on point and made up a small tabletop quilt that is just 27 inches square.  The machine quilting on it is 'not too bad' (as we say in Minnesota).  Wish it showed up better in the photo.

Wishing you a Joyous Easter...



  1. Love it! How great that you could complete a current project using up orphan blocks like that. Great job!

  2. I love "using up" scrap quilts and I am a huge fan of Irish chains [ the first quilt in post ]. One year I made 13 Double Irish Chains, and I like the pattern so much I could make 13 more. Great finish!

  3. Just doing some blog hopping this morning and came across the quilt!!!Enjoy the day.......from a fellow Minnesotan! :)