Sunday, April 15, 2012

Silver Anniversary Quilt - Steps to the Altar

  This past year marks 25 years of marriage to my wonderful hubby.  Looking back on the years, they seem to have gone by so quickly.  So many wonderful experiences together have been packed into those years, and they are worth celebrating! 

I have enjoyed the creative process of quilting for many years.  Indeed, my family wonders what ever we will do with all the quilts I’ve made!  In particular I am drawn to the traditional quilt patterns, and how their names tell stories.  So, I have designed a sampler quilt of traditional quilt blocks to tell the story of our 25 years together.   

Come sew along with me and make a sampler to celebrate your own life story, or someone close to you.  Most of my patterns have come from the wonderful free quilt block patterns available at .  I will try and include a pattern link or simple pattern in my posts which a moderately experienced quilter should be able to follow.  The blocks are all 12 inches finished size.

Steps to the Altar block

The first block will be Steps to the Altar.  The pattern I used is here.  We were married on a lovely day in May.  I wore the same Chantilly lace wedding gown my mother wore in 1953 .  The groom and groomsmen wore grey tuxedos.  The bride's attendants wore light pink taffeta dresses in the then-popular puffed sleeve style worn by Princess Diana at her recent marriage to Prince Charles in London.  Our mothers wore darker rose-pink gowns.  The silk bridal bouquet included white lily of the valley, pink lilies and light blue freesia.   Because I sewed the attendants and mother's gowns, (and apparently never throw a bit of leftover fabric away,) I was able to use those actual fabrics in my block.  

 note:   Do be careful if you choose to use fabrics that are not 100% cotton.  They could distort, may not be able to handle the heat of steam pressing, or may not hold up as well over the years.

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