Friday, April 13, 2012

Two projects on the wall

The week has flown past, but I did quilt awhile on a couple of ongoing projects. First, I've been chipping away at the sampler blocks from Just Takes 2 .  I just couldn't find any red fabric that really called my name for this, but there was a lovely forest green and 5 whites with that same green in mini-prints.  They hopped right into my basket, and so my version will be green and white.  I have finished 13 blocks and this week put some of them together.  Now it feels like I'm accomplishing something! 

But...quite a few of the blocks are paper pieced blocks and I must admit that I have a terrible time with them.  For some reason I just can't think 'upside down and backwards'.  Though I seem to be following all the tips and directions, when I flip over a piece it just doesn't cover the area it's supposed to.  I end up ripping out the majority of the seams and trying again.  and again.  and sometimes again!   I'm quite a bit behind, but am trying to get one or two blocks done each weekend.

Another project this week has been blocks for the April Color Palette Challenge.  In my stash was a this print, which has probably been there 20 years!  I loved the color combinations, but never found anything to use it in.  The print is a bit overpowering.  But it has all the colors in the April challenge, so I'm making myself use it up. 


Considering the colors originally came from a pie, Shoo Fly Pie seemed the logical theme for my project.  I've been experimenting with 6 inch (finished) Shoo Fly blocks and colors.  The lighter colors just seem to disappear against the strong print.  The teal and red show up well, and the gold is ok.  I have some moss green and burnt orange scraps that I'll test out next.  Fabrics that 'read' solid give the eyes a place to rest amid the busy print background.   With the fabrics, blocks and colors in mind, the next challenge is a placement design.  That might take some thinking.  Any ideas out there?  


  1. I LOVE the print you are using. It is amazing what we can find in our stash. LOL

  2. I don't know if this would help with the paper piecing, but I hold the proposed piece, right sides together right at the edges and flip the new piece around to see if it's going to cover, if there is any not a clear margin around it making it clear its big enough, I cut a bigger one. There is no saving fabric when paper piecing.

  3. what about reversing the light fabrics of your April Color Challenge. That busy fabric as the Shoo Fly pieces and the light fabrics as your background? Just a thought. The yellow does seem to get lost. Agree with Kim (comment above) add more fabric giving you a larger margin to work with. So frustrating to sew it down and find you didn't quite cover the area. Several quilters doing Randy's sampler blocks. Nice projects going on in your sewing room. Sandi