Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Silver Anniversary Quilt: Baby Bunting

Our wonderful children have been such an important part of our marriage, and so our quilt will have blocks to mark the births of each of them.  There are traditional quilt blocks which have names associated with them like Johnny Round the Corner, or Sarah's Choice.  But, the Baby Bunting Block from Quilters Cache' is just the right size, and works for any baby's name.

I tried a couple versions.  For my first Baby Bunting Block I used yellow gingham, the color of our nursery, and a teddy bear print because our first child had a devoted attachment to her Teddy. 

It looked nice, but the contrast between the yellow gingham and the white background was pretty low.  In fact, it shows up better in this photo than in person.  I had another Teddy Bear print and tried a second version, which turned out pretty well.  It might be nice to write or embroider baby's name in one of the two center blocks, and birth date in the other. 

Click HERE or on the link above for a free pattern for this block.

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