Friday, August 24, 2012

Denim projects

The sewing machine is finally out again and the house is slowly getting back to normal (ie: somewhat cluttered) after my cousins visit.  Today I repaired the cover for the pontoon boat awning which needed some major work.  It was a 'real project' as my hubby would say.  Two trips to the fabric store!  Well, at least that's what he calls one of his projects when it takes two trips to the hardware store.

After that I had time to play a little.  Lynn at Nebraska Views posted a wonderful idea for recycling old denim jeans into some cute potholders.  While we had guests I had stashed my three (yes, three) boxes of old denim jeans in the garage workshop.  Out they came again today and I tried out her potholder design. Works great!  I think I'll be making up a bunch more of those and giving them as small Christmas gifts.

That reminded me of why I looked up her blog in the first place.  I had been looking for ideas on how to use up those denim jeans a few months ago, and found her tutorial for Christmas Stockings.  So, I tried one out. 

Mine isn't as decorative as hers, but I just wanted to see if the size pattern I used would be the right size.  It's a little small, but it turned out well.  I think I'll try another one tomorrow.

It's such a cute idea! I'm so glad she shared it.  There are several posts on her site showing how to make these stockings.  Just search for 'denim Christmas stocking' in her web site search box and they'll all pop up.

Linking up for a whoop whoop!  Getting back to sewing after four weeks is something to celebrate.


  1. When my girls were little I made some stockings almost exactly like this. They turned out really cute. I used velvet and lace in the toe and heel.