Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fabric binge

Totally blew my resolution to reduce my fabric stash.  Added 31.5 yards Friday and another 10.5 today.  Oh. my. goodness!  What have I done?  

Seven yards of that was 108 inch wide backing fabric that was on sale for $6.99/yard.  It rarely goes on sale, and the coupons don't apply to that particular width.  So I saved $20 on the backs for Easy Street (blue), Logs! (brown) and Christmas Redwork (red of course.)

Then I spied some Civil War madder reds and browns on the remnant table along with a lovely golden Elm Creek Quilts - Jennifer Chiaverini grape vine print by Red Rooster Fabrics.  Well, at $2.99/yard they all hopped into my basket too.

Then today I went to pick up some solid black to make binding for two small quilts that are nearly done.  How could I pass up fabric on sale for $1.99/yard?!  I picked up a lovely double pink, some white on whites, a nautical red, some indigo blue, and a green toile print that will be the perfect backing for the greens I've pulled for a Bonnie Hunter "Betty's Choice" (Quiltmaker Magazine March/April 2013.)   Mostly 1/2 or 3/4 yard pieces.  Haven't seen that price in a long while!  Love my Mill End Fabrics Stores.

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  1. That happened to me too yesterday. A lady came to our sewing group with some lovely Liberty fabrics that I didn't know I needed. I am sure they will come in useful at some point. Enjoy your purchases.