Monday, May 20, 2013

Yummy Silks

A busy weekend full of wonderful surprises!  DS arrived home from his business trip to Bangkok, Thailand bearing gifts.  Not batiks, but beautiful silks!

First this lovely silk scarf.  Don't you just love the Elephants?  He really wanted to bring back something that was genuinely Thai, but was staying in a very tourist-oriented area, and he felt his choices along those lines were fairly limited.

Then, he really surprised me with a gift for my upcoming birthday.... 4 m. of silk yardage!  Two of a deep blue and two of a coordinating blue with a gorgeous woven floral. 

Any suggestions on what I should make?  I don't think a quilt is the right thing to make from this, even though Victorian quilts were often made of silk. 

If I already didn't have a dress to wear to his upcoming wedding I'd try to make one out of this fabric.  I haven't done dressmaking in a long time!  Not since the kids were in high school and I made prom dresses for DD.  I'm quite out of practice.

Although this weekend DD had some sewing projects for me to do while she was in town.  I made a pair of pants that had shrunk in the wash into Capri's and measured her bridesmaid dress for hemming.  They wanted $45 and 4 weeks to hem a tea length dress at the store and I can do it just as easily for free.

We also made up a dozen more mug rugs and 3 aprons for the museum gift shop.  The sewing machine was humming!

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