Friday, June 7, 2013

Chinese Coins for luck

The first of June was exciting around here.  Two couples close to our family announced engagements.  Let the quilt planning begin!

Actually, you can often see these things coming, and I've been putting some thought into it already.  YY is of Chinese heritage and the traditional Chinese Coins block would bring good luck to their marriage.  So, I've been saving tiny 1.25 x 3.5 inch scraps for a Chinese Coin quilt.   Half a gallon bag saved so far.

Recent Quilt Cam from Bonnie Hunter had her piecing crumb blocks on foundation strips cut from old phone book paper.  Light Bulb Moment!!!  Chinese Coins can be pieced that way to keep the strips from twisting this way and that way due to small variations in how they were cut.  Excellent!  And it works even better than I expected.  The lines of addresses & phone numbers also help me keep my stitching lines parallel.  Bonus!

There are free instructions here at Quilter's Cache.

I'm quite sure the young brides don't follow their old Aunt or Neighbor's blog, so I'm not worried about sharing progress here with you.

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  1. I tried old adding machine tape once... didn't like the colors I chose from the scrap bin, and it's not wide enough. It could work if you wanted a shorter width. Love your idea, can't wait to see the resulting quilt.