Monday, June 3, 2013

Lazy Sunday 2 & 3

It was a lazy Saturday, a cloudy and rainy day at the Lake, so I pulled out Bonnie Hunter's Lazy Sunday Mystery and got caught up.  Sure enough, when we got home there was the next Quiltmaker Magazine issue in the mail and the next step in the mystery.
Here's what my blocks are looking like so far...

Tonight I'm watching/listening to a re-broadcast of Bonnie's last Quilt-Cam on Youtube, and putting together the first few part 3 blocks (on the right.)  It's fun to have 'company' while I sew - and listen to her chatter away about quilting.  It's looking good! I'm liking the color combinations.  The black stars don't look bad after all, and the red centers were a surprise.  I thought that some of the four patch blocks we made in step one would be used there.  The pop of color is nice don't you think?

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