Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another Quilter's Treasure

Yesterday I was out with a friend and we stopped in at a 'thrift store.'  She found a $4 bag of fabric scraps and put it in my cart. Looks like some great fabrics in there for scrap quilting.  Let's take a look...

This reminds me of the children's television shows of my childhood.   Children who were live guests on the show sat in a section of bleacher seats and at the end of the show were given a 'grab bag' of treats.  The host had a child pull out the items one at a time to see what was inside - and of course mention the sponsors of the show.  Old Dutch Potato Chips, Pearson's Salted Nut Roll, Laffy Taffy to name a few.  Those memories are even in black and white!

Well, on to our grab bag!

First there are some already cut pieces for applique, and even the templates.  Aren't those fussy-cut petals with the daisy so cute!

Five circles, Eight diamonds - four of each color, and a couple triangles.

There are lots of 2 inch squares, and some short strips 
from 1.5 inches up to 2.5 inches.  
And a few more in the 3, 4 and 5 inch range.

Then there are Quarter Yard pieces with only a small section cut out of one corner where the quilter had taken a bit for applique.

Wow!  I love those rich jewel tone colors.

 Finally, in between a couple of those 1/4 yard pieces, there is this very out-of-place and much older piece of fabric.  Red with mushrooms, looser weave.  Has to be 1960's fabric!  Back from the days of the last of those television children's shows.  It sure made me smile!

Hope you get a smile today too, and have a chance to Quilt Awhile.

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  1. A bargain bag indeed, Jean! How lovely, you'll make lots of fabby things, I'm sure :)