Monday, February 3, 2014

Red and White Quilt Show

An on-line quilt show of Red and White quilts is being hosted this week by Sew Cal Gal.  Since I do have one red and white quilt I might as well join in the fun! You should too if you have made a red and white quilt. Stop by Sew Cal Gal and add your link, or at least take a look at some of the lovely quilts that are linked to her Quilt Show.

A special welcome if you've been there already and have come to take a peek at my link.
I'm so glad you're here!
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 2009

Deep in my stash were two burgundy reds with white prints, and two whites with burgundy prints that I had been saving to use together sometime.  My neighbor was cleaning out some back issues of magazines and gave me a few.  When I saw this quilt in the April 2004 Quilter's World Magazine I knew I had finally found the right pattern to use them!

I began piecing the quilt in January 2008 and then stalled out after the top center was completed.  There was not enough fabric for borders, and by that time the colors had gone out of fashion.  I couldn't find that shade of dark red anywhere!

I found some gingham that was the right shade, and used it for the border.  I hated it!  I ripped off the gingham border. 'Twinkle' sat in the UFO pile.  I was so disappointed, because I loved the center, but whatever I auditioned for the border was just not right.

Finally, after over a year of searching, I found a dark red remnant that was nearly the right shade of red with a light grey print.  I figured that it was the best I was going to find.  I finished up the quilt in October 2009.  It is twin size, 67x78.

The quilting is done with dark red thread-- stitch in the ditch except for the large white areas where I stitched the star pattern that is pieced into the quilt. The border is quilted with five-pointed stars.  It was a motif I found in a library book and could make with three passes around using my walking foot.

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  1. Great quilt and a real lesson in sticking in there to complete a project!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love the way the reds and whites switch back and forth for a positive-negative effect.

  3. I love the star fabric in your star quilt. Great finish!

  4. Great quilt and a great story...glad you didn't give up on it!

  5. Oh this quilt really talks to me, I love it! Great choice of border fabric, never rush these things.

  6. Stopping in from the quilt show. Wonderful quilt you've made. R&W is always a great combo, and yours is quite striking.

  7. Very striking! The border looks great from here!