Monday, September 22, 2014

Heritage Days 2014

Saturday was a beautiful day for our community festival.  Most of my quilts were brought out of various storage spaces around the house and they filled the quilt demonstration area!  Hubby was aghast at the number of quilts that I pulled out, and I know it was only about half of the ones I have around here.  ...Busted!

There were a couple of my very first quilts that were yarn tied - to demonstrate how the stress on those tie points eventually leads to the fabric tearing out.  There were quilts from old denim jeans and old sweatshirts (didn't have my son's T-shirt quilt this year) - to demonstrate that we still make quilts today out of our old clothing, just like in the 'old days'.  It's just different fabrics.

There were examples of 9-Patch, Log Cabin, Irish Chain, applique' and paper pieced quilts.  I set up the quilting frames that I was gifted a few years back.  They belonged to my dear friend's mother:  One with long poles, and the other a hooped lap stand.  Quilts in trunks, on ladders, on quilt racks and hanging from the tree!

The most fun was to be able to talk about the reproduction of the 1893 Album quilt.  There was a steady flow of two or four people in the booth all day long from 11-4.  Then a storm rolled in and we hustled to get everything picked up before the rain.  It was an exhausting day, but such fun too!  I don't sell any of the quilts, they're just there for 'props', but I keep getting asked about it.  I did sell two books about the Album Quilt though!

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