Monday, September 15, 2014

Friends and Companions update

Today I had some bobbins I needed to use up so I could have them available to do some machine quilting this week, so I finished a few more blocks from the Marcus Friends and Companions Sew Along.  Blocks 1-6 are done in all three colorways.  Let's take a look!

Autumn colors- just for fun.

I used red in place of yellow for the baskets in block 5. I thought it needed more contrast.

Marcus original color suggestions: I ran out of green, so block 6 has 'black' instead.

Block 7 has been posted, but I won't get to that one until next week.

This week is going to be a full week of quilting!  This Saturday is Bloomington Heritage Days and I will be demonstrating quilting all day at the Historical Society booth area.  Over the weekend I pin-basted up the replica of the Pond Album Quilt in the BHS collection and I've been quilting it with Baptist Fans all day.  I put in 8 hours on it today and it looks like I have another 20 hours of quilting to go!  I usually don't wish I had a long arm quilting machine, but I actually thought about it this morning.  My little Elna is doing pretty well, but she may need to be treated to a cleaning and tune-up when I'm done quilting up this Album quilt and another queen quilt for my Niece Sara's wedding which is less than two weeks away.

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