Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sly Patch

Borders are on Sly Patch and he's so cute!  It has started to rain lightly outside, so an indoor photo with flash will need to work for now.

The pattern is from Quiltmaker Magazine July/August 2014.   All ready to quilt up this weekend.   Those twins will be here within a week or two, so I think I'll be done just in time!

Now to get cleaned up after myself.  There is so much clutter around the house right now.  Boxes of paperwork that I need to go through from my parent's house are on many of my usual quilting work surfaces.  So I did layout work on the living room floor, cutting at the kitchen table, and pressing at my desk in the guest room.

DS and DIL are coming for dinner tonight, and a roast has been in the slow cooker since 10am.  Sure smells good in here!  But I need to get out the vacuum and get things picked up.  I sure can leave a tornado of a mess behind me some days.  LOL

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  1. These animals are so cute! Waving my wand to help you clear up the mess ... you're not alone, m'dear - we all have these days! Enjoy that roast :)