Wednesday, August 20, 2014

State Fair sew-along Sunflower block

We're continuing to celebrate the end of summer, and the sunflowers are in full bloom.  Today we'll work on the Sunflower block for our State Fair quilts.

The easiest part is the center.  A simple 3-1/2-inch chocolate brown square.  You will be making five Sunflower blocks, so you need five brown squares.  Done!

Yesterday's post had the instructions for the 3-1/2-inch blocks made up of one white 2-inch square, one green 2-inch square, and one 2 x 3-1/2 inch rectangle.  Those will be the corners of our Sunflower blocks.  So, lets get started on the last section, the sunflower petals.

Cut an assortment of yellows, cheddars and golds into 2 x 3/1/2-inch rectangles.  You will need 8 for each block, or 40 total.

Cut 40 assorted white/neutral 2-inch squares, and draw a line on the wrong side diagonally from corner to corner.

Place a white 2-inch square in the upper left corner of a yellow rectangle, right sides together. Stitch across the line you have drawn.  Open, press and trim off the excess fabric.

Sew two of these together to make a pair of Sunflower petals.  You will have 20 pairs.  Check them to make sure they are 3-1/2-inches square and trim if necessary. 

Now sew your Sunflower blocks together as you would do for a 9-patch.  Watch the direction of your green block in the corners, so that it points to the center of the block.  Watch the direction of your petals so that the yellow side faces the center and white faces the outside.

Press your blocks well and square up to 9-1/2-inches unfinished.

If you want a larger quilt, just make more blocks.  Tomorrow we'll put it all together!

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