Monday, August 18, 2014

It's State Fair Time!

The Minnesota State Fair begins this week and runs through Labor Day.  It is the official end of summer event here and I have always loved to attend.  I'm not sure exactly what it is about the State Fair that draws me back every year.

It was a family tradition when we were children, and my Dad loved to go and see all the sights.   The cattle and horse barns brought remembrances of his childhood summer days spent on his grandparents farm in South Dakota.  Mother enjoyed seeing the creative crafts and cooking.  Woodcarving, knitting, sewing, canning and baking ribbon winners were all closely examined.

Even though the food at the fair is a major attraction in itself, Mother always packed a picnic lunch for us. She was always very health, and budget, conscious.  But, a day at the Fair was never complete without a buying Chocolate Malt from the Dairy Building and a bag of apples from the Horticulture building.

One summer, as a teen, I worked for a neighbor who had a book booth in the Grandstand building.  The noise from the race cars on the track nearly drove me insane!  The qualifying rounds for the evening races went on all day and echoed through the old concrete building.

There is a traditional quilt block called State Fair!  Actually, it's two blocks, a Sunflower and a Single Irish Chain.  Together they make a really cute little quilt to celebrate the Fair and the end of summer.

So, pull out your scrap bags of 2-inch and 3-1/2 inch blocks and strips.  Let's get started!

Look for light neutrals for the background, greens for the chain and 'leaves', yellow/gold/cheddar for the sunflowers, and chocolate brown for the flower centers.  Cutting instructions will be posted tomorrow.

Do you go to your State or County fair?  What are some of your favorite memories?

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  1. Believe it or not I've only been to the Indiana state fair once, but I loved it! We seem to be to busy to go these days. We always say next year. The primitive village was my favorite part of the fair.