Monday, August 25, 2014

Design wall Monday

Marcus fabrics has a 'Sew-along' series of blog posts out that began August 1st called Friends and Companions.  I've been trying to keep up, and am trying the blocks in several colorways.

Here are the first three blocks, #2, #1 and #3.  In this version I have used yellow in place of cheddar, olive green in place of blue and light turquoise in place of green.  Light print, red and black are the same as the pattern.

In this version I have used brown in place of cheddar, orange in place of red, and light green in place of blue.  Light print, olive green and black are the same as the pattern.

This version is closest to their colorway.  I have used gold in place of cheddar and very dark green in place of black.  White, red, blue and olive are the same as the pattern.  One little problem...I don't have enough of the olive color to do all the blocks, so I'll have to find another similar fabric to put in, or just have scrappy olive greens.  This is where the creativity kicks in!

But that olive green must all go, because it's been in my stash from a quilt that was started 28 years ago!  Yes, I remember, because my girlfriend and I collaborated to make a Tall Pine Tree quilt for my wedding and it took 10 years to finish because we were side-tracked by moves, children and life in general.

But it's never too late to finish up a UFO!

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