Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Basket

It's May Day!  How did it come so soon?  Spring is in the air, and the violets, bleeding hearts and dandelions are starting to bloom here in Minnesota.

May Basket mini - 15 inches square.
As a child, we used to make May Baskets on the first of May and give them to Mother.  We would use the pint sized square plastic baskets that strawberries came in.  They were perfect for weaving a bit of ribbon through the openings and filling with tissue paper flowers.  (May 1st is still a little early for fresh flowers here, but that didn't stop us.)

Here's a May Basket to share with you that I just finished today using a single traditional May Basket block.

 I was going to make each triangle a different color 'flower', but then I stumbled across this bright mottled fabric that was with some scraps my sister-in-law gifted me when she was cleaning out her sewing room.

Did you ever celebrate May Day?  I don't think many do, but on the other hand, I think every day is worth celebrating!

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