Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lazy Sunday, Rainy Monday

What could be better than a rainy Monday to spend the day quilting?  Lazy Sunday, a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt from 2013, is no longer a UFO!  I worked hard yesterday marking the borders with chalk and quilting them up.  The binding was cut late last night and it's finished today.  I could hardly wait for the lawn to dry so I could hang it on the clothesline for a photo!
The sun had not even come from behind the tall pine trees.  I might have to try again this afternoon for a better shot.

The backing is from IKEA, and I love it.  They do carry mostly decorator fabrics, but there were a few cottons as well.  I picked this up several years ago thinking it would be perfect for a quilt backing, or maybe a border.  It's such a huge print that it wouldn't look like anything if it was used for piecing!

By the way, we had 4.75 inches of rain in our backyard rain gauge from Monday's rainstorm.  It was a real downpour!   Our air is full of smoke from the wildfires in Alaska and Canada, and it looks like the rain picked up the smoke particles as it fell.   The water in the rain gauge was pale amber colored.

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