Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Update

It's been a super productive week for quilting!  Clearly, I'm not one of those quilters who just have one project going at a time, and work on it until it's done.

Last weekend at the Lake my sister helped me pin baste two tops from my UFO pile, a twin-sized redwork Christmas quilt and Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street from 2013.  I'm seriously trying to put a dent in the pile of unfinished quilts this spring!  It will take a while to get them quilted though. But, it's real progress!

There was also lots of playing around with my scrap bags while Hubby was ice fishing.  With the 2-inch scraps I finished up another round on a split 9-patch leader/ender project.  Here's what it looks like with three rounds of blocks.  It will be a while before the next round is done because I'll need 28 blocks.  Don't you just love how deliciously scrappy it is?
Speaking of scrappy, have you been keeping up with Circa 2016 sew-along from Temecula Quilt Co.?  Last  week's clue was just one block.  But it was so cute, and I had so many scraps, that I just kept on going.  Can you say "Got Carried Away?"  Here's what the design wall looks like now!
It remains to be seen whether I stick with the sew-along plan, branch off in some new direction, or just make two quilts.

Also on the 'design bed' this week is the start of a denim & flannel rag quilt that my son requested for his birthday.    NOT my favorite materials to work with.  Let's just say that boy's mother really loves him! (wink)  He wanted a very heavy quilt to put across the bottom of the bed.  Having something heavy over his legs helps him sleep better.
If all goes according to plan, this will empty a box of old denim jeans.  And, I've sure gotten mileage out of a set of old flannel sheets that had bears and trees. This must be the third quilt that has blocks from it. But now, they'll be All Gone!

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  1. It looks like you are on a roll--and you don't have to go back and make a second broken dishes block--lol!