Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A little Winston Ways

Late April already!  How the spring days fly past!
Winston Ways: 25 inches square

This week I used some leftover blocks to make a single-block version of Bonnie Hunter's "Winston Ways."  I had planned to add a couple of borders, but it's the perfect size right now for my kitchen quilt holder and looks great there! Finished the binding today and up it went.

I reversed the red and blue from Bonnie's pattern because that's what I had.  Her designs are so flexible - they look great no matter what.  And ALL the fabric came from my scrap bag or orphan block pile.  Whoop!

In the rest of my free time I've been adding more quilting to a quilt I made ten years ago.  My quilting style then was minimalist.  Is that a nice way to put it?

All this time it's been in my trunk of quilts and never used - except for an occasional quilt display at Heritage Days.  I decided to pull it out and have about doubled the amount of quilting.  The time is coming to give it a new home and I have someone special in mind.  I'll share a photo after it's been gifted.

Stash Report:
A yard and a half went into Winston Ways.  So far this year I've used up almost 9 yards more than I've purchased.  So, the stash is down slightly.  With our nearby Hancock Fabrics now closed I really will be forced to shop from my stash!

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  1. That turned out pretty cute! When I saw Bonnie's posts on Winston Ways, I dug out my magazine--I really want to make this one!