Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Apple harvest finish

Another border fabric scrap turned up, and was enough to make a little table topper.  It's been hanging around for over 20 years (1994).  Time to move it along, don't you think?  Stack and whack style squares again.  This time I put little apple buttons in the centers.

When I was into French Sewing I made my daughter this dress from an apple print stripe.  The stripe of the fabric can just barely be seen in the skirt. The bodice was made of strips of the same fabric woven together in a basket-weave, so don't go by that.  It was an interesting technique. (That's Minnesotan for "I only did it once and won't do it again."  lol)

We've been making home made applesauce the past couple weeks from apples my BIL brought from their family farm.  Makes the house smell so wonderful!  I love apples and autumn days!


  1. Beautiful finish! Your daughter looks so cute in that pretty dress♥

  2. Wow, that dress is so nice! She looks so sweet in it!