Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Friends and Companions - the musical

Here's my second version of the Moda Sew-Along "Friends and Companions."
'F & C the Musical' on the piano -
which you can't see at all!

Silly me.  Why would I think to look at the fabric requirements before starting a project?  I just started pulling scraps and put together color groupings.  There was no chance of finding more of my light background fabric. It's a piece that's from deep stash. We're talking 30 years back.  So, when it came to making alternate blocks I looked for something with the same density of pattern.  Music notes to the rescue!  And so this version will be "Friends and  Companions -the Musical."
Trying for similar pattern density.

The red border is narrower than the original.  You guessed it, not enough red left to make a 6.5 inch border.  Well, 4 inches of red will do just fine - and it's all used up!  Can you tell the setting triangles are a different fabric too?  Yep, not enough green either.  I'll just call it "the creative process."  (smile, wink)

My stash report is doing much better this year than the past two.  Purchased 38 yards, used 60 yards. Over 20 more yards used than purchased!  The only fabric purchased for this quilt was the music notes, and some additional solid black.

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