Saturday, November 8, 2014

Window week

It's been a crazy week around our house.  We had nine windows replaced.  The workmen were here two days, and for the rest of the week hubby has been putting a finish on the wood windows and frames.  They are looking great, and are even slightly larger than the old windows.  Everything looks so much brighter without the storm windows and screens.

But, with construction work comes a serious MESS!  Everything had to be pulled 4 feet away from every window. The middles of the rooms are stacked with things.  But, by next week I hope we will be on the road to normal again.

Monday and Tuesday I hid in my sewing room/office for most of the day while the workmen were here.  I was able to get a few things finished up.  First, I made a few more little pumpkin ornaments.  Here's their 'selfie'.  Can you see the window in the background that is being installed?

Next, I put borders on Countdown to Christmas.  Took me long enough! It was a mystery quilt by Temecula Quilts from last December that had been in my UFO pile.  The pieces are so tiny that I did about half of what they called for and made a smaller quilt. Each of those star blocks finishes at 2 inches!  Tiny is cute, but I only have a limited amount of patience for it.  

This quilt languished because I didn't know what I wanted to do for borders.  Do you find that setting a quilt aside for a while can be a good thing?  I finally decided on red, white and blue.  Keeping with the star theme, the blue and the red border fabrics both have stars.

I can get some quilting done as soon as I find my walking foot.  It has apparently gone for a walk somewhere, because it has been missing all week.

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