Monday, November 17, 2014

A whole lot of friends

Here's the last of my Moda 'Friends & Companions' mystery quilts.  It is closest to their original color choices.  I did change out the setting blocks to blue, and the black border to gold just to pull out those colors a bit more.  This time I ran out of red and green (who is surprised?)  After trips to three fabric stores to find some more, no luck for an exact match.  The red fabric I eventually bought for the border has a subtle stripe, so I mitered the corners and they turned out great!  It's been years since I've put mitered corners on a quilt.  (I'm so lazy!!)

Friends & Companions
And just so we can have all the Friends and Companions together, here are the other two.  Which do you like best?

Friends & Companions - the Musical

Autumn Friends & Companions
It was fun to try the same quilt in three different colorways.  Next time, though, I really need to just make a decision and pick ONE.

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