Sunday, December 21, 2014

Getting caught up

Foggy December day at the lake.
It's been cloudy, foggy and basically just not too cheery outside for the past two weeks here.  Great weather for quilting!

(Half-size) Grand Illusion status:  step 1 - pieces all cut, and 30 blocks done.  step 2 - pieces all cut, and 30 blocks assembled.   step 3 - ALL 60 FINISHED!!!  step 4 - pieces cut but that's all so far.

Last weekend we took a drive up to the Lake and I brought up some quilt tops that were in need of quilting.  The big dining table up north is perfect for spreading out and supporting a quilt while I machine quilt.  It's such a sense of accomplishment to get another UFO a step farther along!

First I worked on Shoo Fly Pie.  I started this one in March 2012, didn't like how it looked, set it aside...ripped out blocks, made more blocks, set it aside....started up again in July 2014 and put the top together and pin basted the layers, set it aside.... You get the picture.  Finally, it's quilted up and the binding is on.  All ready to be hand stitched down.   I usually machine stitch down my bindings, but I will need some handwork projects in January, so I'm getting them ready now.

Next up I quilted the center and first border on a red/white/blue quilt top.   I needed a stencil from home to lay out the next two borders, so packed it back up again for now.  Then I started quilting Baptist Fans on Oklahoma Backroads.  I was able to get a little bit done before having to pack up and head home. But at least there was some progress!

At home this week I worked on a T-shirt quilt to give as a Christmas gift.  Shhh! Don't mention it to anyone.  I doubt the recipient reads my blog, but you never know on that one.  The good news is that the bag of T-shirts is now OUT of my junky laundry room for good!  This is my third t-shirt quilt and the best one so far.  I'm going with denser quilting and it looks much better.  Mostly straight lines with the walking foot, but a couple free-motion areas where I stippled or echoed what was printed on the shirt.  Photos after Christmas!

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