Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yoyo Wreath

A few more ornaments were added to our Christmas tree today.  The house is slowly gaining it's holiday finery.  I wanted to share this little yo-yo wreath made by my mother.   I have two of them now.  One that she made for my first Christmas tree, and one that had been on my parent's tree for many Christmases.

She cut 3 inch circles, stitched around the edge and then filled them with a little fiberfill batting as she pulled the thread to make yo-yo's.  A dozen yo-yo's threaded together through their centers and tied into a wreath, plus a tiny red bow - so simple!

The navy print is from a skirt and camisole Mom made for me in the 1970's -ruffles, lace and 'prairie style.'  Such sweet memories these little ornaments can bring!  What are some of your favorite handmade Christmas ornaments?

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